Stream/Wetlands Restoration

Odin retains specialized equipment and personnel to perform stream restoration under the most difficult conditions, whether physically constrained, environmentally impaired, or both. Throughout performing the core restoration effort, our staff is trained to protect the integrity of the surrounding ecosystem and deliver an environmentally friendly project.

As part of the pre-construction planning effort, restoration plan specifications and regulatory codes are carefully evaluated, and a site-specific restoration plan is developed for review and approval by the client and appropriate regulatory agencies. We implement extensive protections for the site, which often include re-routing of stream flow above the work zone, installation of sediment barriers or other containment measures to protect areas downstream from the work zone, rigorous erosion control and stormwater protection measures, and protection of endangered plant and animal species. Our restoration efforts can include re-establishing or reconstructing stream bed topography, creation of drop structures and stilling basins, placement of rocks, logs, and other streambed features, and planting of appropriate riparian vegetation.