Sediment Removal and Dewatering

Odin’s team has performed numerous projects requiring removal of contaminated sediments from within water bodies and their respective shorelines. Hydraulic and mechanical dredging equipment, including excavators working from barges and along shorelines, has been utilized to perform these removals in a safe and compliant manner. Odin collaborates with clients and consulting engineers to develop and implement the most efficient and cost-effective sediment removal strategies. For these projects, Odin’s practices regularly include protection of dredge areas using turbidity curtains and other protection measures; dredging and dewatering of sediments; dredged dewatering and process water disposal; upland staging, management, and conditioning of sediments; and on-site repository placement or off-site disposal. Odin has worked closely with clients and regulators to perform this ecologically sensitive work within critical biological and seasonal windows, often working around the clock to meet stipulated project completion milestones. Recently, Odin completed a remote sediment project for a large utility company by removing more than 20,000 CY of sediment from depths greater than 90 feet below water’s surface.