Mass ISS/Soil/Ground Improvement

Mass in-situ soil mixing utilizes hollow stem augers mounted on cranes or hydraulic excavators to mix dry or slurried reagents into soil or sludge for ground improvement, such as stabilization of soft soils to support building foundations or other structures. From an environmental perspective, this same technology may be used to stabilize contaminants of concern (COC) within the matrix of the soil to eliminate or minimize leaching. The single-auger soil mixing technique is capable of mixing columns of materials measuring 3-12 feet in diameter and is most often utilized for large area ground stabilization. Other applications, typically utilizing multiple auger systems, include deep cutoff walls and excavation shoring. As the augers rotate and advance into the soil, reagents are injected through the hollow drill shaft and mixed thoroughly with the soil to produce structurally improved or stabilized material. Odin can assist clients with the development of specific column mixing patterns and grout mix designs (utilizing a variety of additives such as cement, CKD, fly ash, bentonite, hydrated lime, etc.) to achieve the strength and other design parameters required for any given project.


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