Habitat Construction

Odin routinely operates in waterfront settings performing complex work in sensitive ecological environments. Our experience includes numerous projects in riparian and intertidal wetlands, stream and river corridors, and ocean front settings. We understand the care and effort required to work in sensitive environments within the constraints of crucial tidal or biological work windows. We are also highly experienced working on and in water and on low strength materials. Our projects have included construction and remediation of wetlands, installation of water diversion and water control structures, dam and levee restoration, channel construction and rock armoring, removal of invasive plant species, and final restoration. Odin’s wetland capabilities include:

  • Design and construction of man-made wetlands
  • Wetlands contouring/shaping
  • Contaminated sediment excavation
  • Stream channel construction and restoration
  • Hazardous waste remediation
  • Water management
  • Site restoration