Contaminated Soil Excavation

Odin has extensive experience performing safe excavation and transportation of contaminated soils and other source materials. Our project management teams prepare job-specific safety protocols and traffic control plans that prevent exposure to workers, the surrounding community, and the environment. When required, air monitoring is utilized to ensure a safe work environment for site personnel and verify containment of fugitive dust and emissions within the project boundaries. Odin works closely with our clients to facilitate accurate characterization and proper documentation for transportation and disposal. All vehicles used, whether highway trucks or railcarts, for transport of impacted media are thoroughly inspected, securely tarped and properly decontaminated prior to leaving the project site. Traffic routes are carefully planned to maximize safety and limit potential community exposure. Odin’s experience with contaminated source removal has included soil and other media contaminated with heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, solvents, pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, and asbestos.