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Headquartered among one of the most extensive levee systems in the United States, Odin’s team is highly experienced with levee and dam rehabilitation projects. These projects typically involve repair of damaged or eroded levee embankments, slope drainage modifications, and shoreline restoration. Our construction methods include excavation of slump areas or unsuitable embankment materials, installation of stabilization or drainage fabrics, and placement of rock slope protection material (such as rip rap). Odin’s experience in this area includes projects for public sector agencies such as the USACE, Bureau of Reclamation, and local flood control agencies, as well as multiple private sector clients.

Levee and Dam Rehabilitation


Odin offers specialty geotechnical services to isolate or divert groundwater, support structural foundations, and improve soil and material properties. Like many of our services, these capabilities can be utilized for either civil or environmental applications. Our project managers and supervisors are recognized leaders in the construction of cutoff walls, biopolymer collection trenches, reactive barriers, and in-situ mixing for soil improvement and stabilization. Odin’s geotechnical construction services include the following:

Cutoff Walls

Biopolymer Collection Trenches

Soil/Ground Improvement


Odin routinely excavates and manages contaminated soil, works at Superfund Sites, stabilizes sludge ponds and sediments, constructs and closes waste repositories, reclaims mines, and constructs wetlands. We understand the regulatory constraints associated with environmental remediation, and our project managers are adept at interpreting and implementing specifications in accordance with design parameters. Odin has the technical expertise and project experience to support all aspects of a remediation project, from initial scoping through completion while meeting safety, budget, quality, and schedule requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with clients and consulting engineers to devise and implement the most environmentally sound, technically responsive and cost-effective remedies. Odin’s environmental remediation services include:

Contaminated Soil Excavation

MGP Site Remediation

Mine Reclamation

Soil Stabilization

Permeable Reactive Barriers

Landfill Closure and Capping

Landfill and CAMU Construction

Onsite Containment Construction

Sediment Removal

Mechanical Dredging


Odin understands the importance of improving and maintaining our nation’s natural ecosystems. While performing habitat/wetland construction and stream restoration, our team safeguards the surrounding ecosystem while reducing the footprint left behind. Our restoration efforts can include re-establishing or reconstructing stream bed topography, creation of drop structures and stilling basins, placement of rocks, logs, and other stream bed features, and planting of appropriate riparian vegetation.

Stream & Wetlands Restoration

Habitat Construction


Disasters happen every day. Although the scale of the disaster may vary, they can occur at any time without a moment’s notice. Odin provides our customers with a comprehensive post disaster emergency response including but not limited to site remediation, debris removal and metal/concrete recycling management, setting up base camps for emergency response teams and workers and providing temporary housing solutions to survivors. Our disaster response team has responded to a multitude of man-made and natural disasters. Odin provides disaster response services with 24/7/365 deployment of experienced teams equipped with specialized equipment. Our disaster response services are fully integrated with our environmental remediation, geotechnical construction, and materials handling and disposal services providing the convenience of working with a turnkey partner.

Site Remediation

Recycling Management

Debris Removal

Base Camps