Safety is the first measure of success for every project. Our goal is to complete the job without injuries, property damage, or adverse environmental impacts. Every Odin employee is held accountable for both their own safety and the safety of others. From senior managers to field crews, the entire Odin team is responsible for performing safely every day, on every task, and on every project. 

Our dedicated safety manager provides all staff with behavior-based safety training that meets or exceeds all applicable state and federal requirements for our projects. Our safety training is comprehensive and adaptable to specific client and agency requirements. We train and equip our field crew with the tools to anticipate, identify, and mitigate health and safety risks to prevent accidents. We continuously reinforce the concept that stop work authority is each person’s right and responsibility. 

Safety Principles


Accident Prevention Plans, Injury-Illness Prevention Plans, and Health and Safety Plans are prepared cohesively with task-specific activity hazard analyses. Throughout each project, these working documents are reviewed and updated by field personnel, safety managers, engineers, and other experts to ensure that updated safety standards and practices are communicated and followed. 


Our behavior-based safety program is designed to manage risk and mitigate all anticipated hazards. We involve the entire team in the development and implementation of these plans. 

Peer-to-Peer Safety

We reinforce our safety program with peer-to-peer safety observations and daily tailgate meetings, where all team members review task-specific hazards and mitigation approaches prior to beginning work.

Training and Knowledge

All employees are trained to recognize potential hazards and are encouraged to report unsafe conditions or behaviors that could lead to an incident.

Safety Accreditation


Gold Shovel Standard

All Odin employees involved with excavation are Gold Shovel Standard certified, verifying they are up-to-date on regulations and standard safety management.

Avetta Safety

We train our employees in accordance to Avetta‘s standards, enabling us to align with suppliers that share similar standards for health and safety.


Odin is a certified contractor through ISNetworld, allowing us to select vendors based on safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information.

Key Safety Rules (KSR)

All rules and regulations provided by OSHA are taught and followed strictly. Based on Odin’s most common operations, we have determined the following activities best represent our top 12 Key Safety Rules. Click on each key to learn more: