Uvas Creek Levee Rehabilitation Phase 2

The Uvas Creek levee is an earthen levee that was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to provide flood protection to the City of Gilroy against floods up to the one percent flood event. Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) entered into a Local Cooperation agreement with the USACE in 1987 as the non-federal sponsor for the flood control portion of the project, which included the levee. SCVWD is thereby responsible for the operation and maintenance of the levee year-round. During periodic inspections performed by the USACE in 2012, 2013, and 2016, deficiencies were observed including significant animal burrows and areas of vegetation in the levee. The reconstruction of the Uvas Creek levee was broken into two phases. The first phase consisted of rehabilitating the outboard levee slope (completed by others) which occurred in 2018. The second phase included the reconstruction of the inboard side of the levee which was contracted to Odin.

The Uvas Creek levee reconstruction included approximately 4,200 LF of the inboard side of the Uvas Creek levee. Approximately 10,600 CY of soil was over-excavated and approximately 12,600 CY of fill was replaced in horizontal compacted layers. Erosion control matting (mesh galvanized chain link fence) was embedded within the levee and covered with topsoil. The chain link mesh fabric was anchored at the top of the levee and at the toe of the levee to mitigate against future burrowing of animals into the levee. The surface of the levee was hydroseeded with a pre-germinated native grass seed mix and the existing access road on top of the levee was repaired.

All applicable Best Management Practices were utilized for sediment control and erosion control as well as to protect wildlife resources.

Project Details

Santa Clara Valley Water District
Gilroy, CA
Start Date
July 2019
End Date
November 2019
Dam and Levee Rehabilitation
Performed As

Project Highlights

  • 14,818 SY – Chain link fabric mesh
  • 10,600 CY – Levee Excavation
  • 12,606 CY – Levee Reconstruction using Import Fill 
  • Chain link fabric mesh was anchored with earth anchors embedded a minimum of 3’ into the subgrade on 4’ spacing