Tiger Creek Afterbay Dam Low Level Outlet (LLO) Dredging & Inspection

The Tiger Creek Afterbay Dam is a 120′ high, 448′ long variable radius concrete arch dam with a gate overpour spillway in Amador County, CA. The original construction was completed in 1931. The dam contains a low-level outlet (LLO) discharge pipe at the base of the dam that required inspection and repairs. Ballard Marine Construction (Ballard), a recognized leader in specialty marine and underwater construction, was contracted directly to the Owner to inspect the condition of the gate. Odin Construction Solutions was subcontracted to Ballard in July 2019 to remove sediment and debris to create safe access for Ballard’s divers inspect and repair the LLO gate with water depths as great as 85′, off-load the sediment into highway dump trucks, and dispose of the sediment as reclamation soil in a nearby quarry.

Project Details

PG&E Power Generation
Pioneer, CA
Start Date
July 2019
End Date
October 2019
Dam Rehabilitation, Sediment Removal
Performed As

Project Highlights

  • Removal of 27,000 CY of sediment and debris from behind a 120-foot high, 448-foot long variable radius concrete arch dam including transportation and disposal