BC-09 Soil Salvage

Odin performed soil salvage activities for an active waste rock dump area at a large copper mine. The project included pioneering access roads to a previously inaccessible mountainside, deforesting sections of the slopes with heavy vegetation, stripping topsoil overlying bedrock down the mountainside, and hauling the soil to a common stockpile. Approximately 720,000 CY of soil was salvaged throughout the duration of the project for future reuse during the final reclamation of the mine site.

Project Details

Northern Utah
Start Date
June 2021
End Date
December 2021
Environmental Remediation
Performed As

Project Highlights

  • 5 miles of fire road pioneering in extremely challenging terrain
  • ~720,000 CY of soil dozing, loading, and hauling on 1:1-1.5:1 200 vertical foot slopes