PL84-99 Feather River Levee Repairs

The PL84-99 Feather River Levee Repairs is in Sutter County, CA long the right bank of the Feather River. The project consists of removing the existing concrete culver, constructing a 515,000 SF soil-bentonite cutoff wall to depths up to 65′, and installing two welded steel pipes over the completed cutoff wall. 

Project Details

United States Army Corps of Engineers
Sutter County, CA
Start Date
April 2020
End Date
December 2020
Cutoff Walls, Dam and Levee Rehabilitation
Performed As

Project Highlights

  • Cutoff walls constructed in an embankment using the slurry trenching technique, and were excavated with long-reach excavators
  • Soil-bentonite cutoff wall, with depths ranging from 60′-70′
  • Total surface area of 516,000 SF, at 36″ width
  • 114,000 CY of levee degrade; 123,000 CY of levee embankment construction
  • Concrete encased pipe and concrete structure installation