Paradise Tree Felling

The Camp Fire has impacted Butte County immensely. To date, it is estimated that over 600,000 and up to 1,200,000 trees were destroyed or damaged by the wildfire. It is estimated that up to 300,000 of these trees are Hazard Trees endangering the public at large on roadway networks and near public structures. Odin and its partners were tasked with felling and managing all hazardous trees within the city limits of Paradise. Activities included the felling of trees, hauling of trees to an end-use facility, and cleaning each lot of tree debris in order for the property owners to return. About 40,000 trees were removed from the town and hauled to the end-use facility.

Odin and its partners (SOPB) were responsible for all-hazard tree felling, processing, and transport to end-use facilities and provide all supporting services, as directed by the Operations Chief (OC) and CalRecycle Contract Manager (CM). (SOPB) removed all eligible Hazard Trees from private and commercial properties with approved ROE and Hazard Trees from within the Town and County Rights-of-Way (ROW), process the wood materials (as necessary), transport to currently operating end-use facilities.

Project Details

Paradise, California
Start Date
November 2020
End Date
July 2021
Contaminated Soil Excavation, Sediment Removal and Dewatering, Site Remediation, Debris Removal
Performed As