Marysville Ring Levee Phase 2C

 The Marysville Ring Levee Phase 2C project is in Yuba County, CA on the right bank of the Yuba River, in the city of Marysville. The project consists of degrading a section of the levee, constructing an approximately 90-foot-deep cutoff wall using the Deep Mix Method, and reconstructing the degraded levee section. 

Project Details

US Army Corps of Engineers
Marysville, CA
Cutoff Walls, Dam and Levee Rehabilitation
Start Date
April 2020
End Date
December 2020
Performed As

Project Highlights

  • 1100 LF of a Soil-Cement-Bentonite (SCB) seepage cutoff wall approximately 81 feet and 84 below the working platform of a partially degraded levee
  • Degraded an approximate of 13,500 CY of levee embankment soil
  • Degrading the levee and building the SCB wall without stopping traffic on Biz Johnson Drive