Gray Lodge Wildlife Area Water Supply Phase 2

The project consisted of the demolition and reconstruction of two drainage canals located in Butte County. Both locations consist of two drainage canals traveling in different directions where the water flow intersects. The water drainage is designed to bridge/tunnel around one another in order to maintain flow rates. 

Odin’s scope of work included demolishing the old concrete pipe and structures used for the intersection of the drainage water, re-grading the existing drainage canals, installing new concrete culverts, concrete pipes, concrete headwalls, concrete flatwork, steel pipes, and mechanical gate structures. Once the new canal intersections were complete, Odin installed rip rap inlets and outlets as well as hydroseeded all bare areas. 

The project was challenging because it had to be constructed in the wintertime when canal flows were at their lowest, however the water was never completely shut off. Extensive dewatering and inflow water management were critical to the success of the project.

Project Details

Biggs-West Gridley Water District & Ducks Unlimited
Biggs, California
Start Date
October 2019
End Date
March 2020
Stream and Wetland Restoration

Project Highlights

  • 160 LF of 2’ x 8’ box culvert
  • Wintertime construction