Folsom Dam Raising Dike 8

Dike 8 was the first of many USACE contracts awarded to Odin in an effort to raise all the earthen dikes surrounding Lake Folsom. Dike 8 consisted of the excavation and removal of approximately 10,000 CY of unsatisfactory existing material, cleaning the dike foundation and exposing the existing bedrock, and backfilling the degraded dike with approximately 15,000 CY of imported aggregates and earth fill. The project was challenging because the construction took place in the winter of 2020. Odin had to prepare an emergency flood control plan and a lake monitoring plan in the event that Lake Folsom reached high water levels. Other challenging aspects included managing stormwater on the project, managing hundreds of truckloads of import and export materials through a wet construction site, and cleaning the bedrock foundation to a quality defined by DSOD standards.   

Project Details

US Army Corps of Engineers
Folsom, CA
Start Date
August 2019
End Date
estimated May 2020
Dam Rehabilitation, Sediment Removal
Performed As
ASCE 2020 Outstanding Flood Management Project of the Year

Project Highlights

  • Removal of 27,000 CY of sediment and debris from behind a 120-foot high, 448-foot long variable radius concrete arch dam including transportation and disposal