Florida State Fire College

The Florida State Fire College is a nationally recognized fire fighter training facility in Ocala, Florida, and is an active campus. The Florida State Fire College project was the first significant PFAS/PFOS remediation project in the state of Florida. PFAS was present in surface soils at levels above residential standards because of AFFF (firefighting foam concentrate) storage over many years.  The impacted material was removed and transported to a sub-title C landfill for internment.

The remedial activity included the demolition of minor training structures, clearing/grubbing, erosion control, excavation of impacted soils along with the subsequent transportation and disposal. A PVC liner and a cushion layer of geotextile was placed at the base of the excavation area with a terminal drain along the lower end of the excavation area to control water.  Imported select fill material was placed over the liner and capped with imported stone base with the site final graded to promote drainage away from the excavation area.

Odin worked with the facility’s staff to ensure the work progressed without impeding scheduled training activities.  This included detailed traffic control plans and the implementation of security measures to control traffic and site access.

Project Details

Florida DEP
Ocala, Florida
Start Date
April 2021
End Date
May 2021
Environmental Remediation
Performed As

Project Highlights

  • Removal of PFAS/PFOS Impacted Soil