Camp Fire Cleanup

The Camp Fire Cleanup was a nationally recognized project Odin participated in as a subcontractor of Ceres Environmental. The entire town of Paradise and neighboring cities, such as Concow and Magalia, were cleared of debris and contaminants in order for the general public to return and initiate reconstruction.

Odin’s lots in Concow and Magalia were residential lots. Odin cleared 86 total lots. The cleanup consisted of debris removal, dust control, and directing haul trucks. Each lot was cleared of metal, followed by general burned debris, and concrete, before the soil was scrapped and removed in order to clear all contaminants from the site. In addition, all dumped and burned vehicles were removed from the lots. The vehicles ranged from cars and pickup trucks, to smaller ATVs and motorcycles, to larger RVs and buses, with the occasional boat and trailer.

Project Details

Ceres Environmental Services
Paradise, CA
Start Date
July 2019
End Date
September 2019
Contaminated Soil Excavation, Site Remediation, Debris Recovery
Performed As

Project Highlights

  • Cleaned 86 Lots
  • Off Hauled 11,556 tons Burned Debris
  • Off Hauled 2,717 tons Concrete
  • Off Hauled 559 tons Metal
  • Off Hauled 4,696 tons Soil
  • Off Hauled 349 Vehicles
  • Personal protection level C