American River Common Features Reach B Levee Improvement

The American River Common Features Natomas Reach B project is in Sacramento County, CA along the bank of the Sacramento River. Odin, along with our joint venture partner Teichert, are relocating the existing Riverside Canal, constructing a new lift station, performing levee improvements including adjacent levee with seepage berms, constructing Pumping Plant 3 modifications, relocating utilities, and incidental related work. The project is estimated to be completed in 2021.

Project Details

United States Army Corps of Engineers
Sacramento, CA
Cutoff Walls

Project Highlights

  • 400,000 CY of adjacent levee embankment and seepage berm
  • Pump station improvements
  • 100,000 CY of canal embankment
  • Construction of irrigation lift station
  • Installation of 6,500 LF of 48” HDPE pipe for field irrigation
  • Various canal and field irrigation turnout structures