Excavation Safety and Utility Protection

  • The Excavation Competent Person (CP) must ensure all required permits and regulatory notifications have been completed.
  • An underground utility locate service must be completed, a valid One-Call ticket must be on-hand, and visible markings for underground utilities must be clearly visible prior to beginning any excavation activity.
  • Excavations and trenches must be inspected by the CP each shift prior to any personnel entry, after every rain storm, and after any other hazard increasing event.
  • Use potholing, vacuuming or hand digging methods whenever excavating within 24-inches of any buried utility to prevent damage.
  • Always maintain a minimum 20-feet distance from any overhead powerline when the voltage is unknown. Higher voltage powerlines will require greater clearance distances.

All overhead power lines on Odin projects must be identified with signs on all sides of the line where it can be approached. Install signs approximately 20-feet before the power lines so they are clearly visible. Signs must provide a DANGER warning of the overhead lines. Assign a spotter whenever operating near or traveling beneath powerlines.