Personal Protective Equipment

The minimum PPE required on every Odin project worksite includes:

  • Hard hat that meets ANSI Z-89.1 standards (Class-1; Type E or G).
  • High visibility outer safety apparel that meets ANSI/ISEA 107; Class-2 standards.
  • Protective eyewear that meets ANSI Z-87.1 standards, including prescription eyeglasses.
  • Safety toe work boots that meet ASTM F2413 standards.
  • Gloves matched to the specific type of hand hazards.
  • Hearing protection when noise levels exceed 85-dBA (earplugs or muffs).

Many tasks require additional PPE adjuncts. Workers must comply with all other PPE requirements specified in each project HASP and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA).

Employee-Provided PPE

OSHA regulations permit employees to provide their own PPE as long as the employer ensures it is compliant with all applicable ANSI/ASTM safety standards and maintained in good condition. Employees who choose to provide their own PPE do so voluntarily at their own discretion and personal expense. The Company is not responsible for the cost of any employee-provided PPE items. Any employee-provided PPE that becomes damaged or lost in the workplace will be replaced with a basic company-issued type and grade.