Confined Spaces

  • Workers must be trained and authorized before entering Confined Spaces.
  • A Competent Person (CP) must supervise all permit-required C/S operations. The CP must complete & sign a C/S Entry Permit.
  • All hazards inside the space must be eliminated or reduced to lowest levels possible prior to personnel entry.
  • Atmospheres inside the space must be tested and verified safe prior to entry. Continuous or periodic air monitoring must be performed while workers remain inside all permit-required confined spaces.
  • A mechanical retrieval device must be attached to workers making vertical entries.

A confined space is defined as:

  • Large enough to permit bodily entry
  • Has limited or restricted access/egress
  • Not designed for continuous human occupancy

A “Permit-Required” confined space is one that also contains:

  • Atmospheric hazards
  • Engulfment or entrapment hazards
  • Other hazards determined by the Confined Space Competent Person

Acceptable Atmosphere

Stable atmospheric conditions must be present and maintained throughout the duration of all C/S entries. This Table represents the order in which elements will be tested and the required values that must be maintained.

Rescue Plan

A designated Rescue Team equipped with non-entry retrieval/rescue equipment must be on stand-by during all permit-required C/S entries.