Team Commitment. Every Day, Every Task

  • The beginning of each shift is a new opportunity for all employees to re-commit themselves to being dedicated Odin team members.
  • Each employee is responsible to be physically and mentally present on the job every shift. Don’t allow distractions to interfere with your ability to perform your job safely.
  • It is each employee’s responsibility to inform his/her Supervisor if they are not up to the task of being physically and mentally present.
  • Every project will be supervised by a designated Competent Person. Always use a “buddy system” to ensure no one works alone.

Odin's Core Values


We have a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements.


Our team has an award-winning portfolio, successfully completing more than 400 projects over the past 20-years.


We consistently deliver impactful projects on time and on budget.


We support the Alfred Golze scholarship fund, local schools and universities, various charities and food banks, etc.