Bryte Landfill

Project Description

Odin is working on behalf of SAFCA on the former Bryte Landfill Remediation project in West Sacramento. The Site was used as a municipal solid waste and construction debris burn dump from approximately 1940 through 1974, and possibly as late as 1981.  This project is the precursor to the future Lower Elkhorn Basin Levee Setback project.  Odin mobilized in mid-June and is scheduled to be complete this October. This is a unique project that includes removal and management of 60,000 CY of clean cover material that is beneficially used by us to construct a five acre corrective action management unit (CAMU) base to receive approximately 120,000 CY of landfill waste accumulated within the former landfill. Waste materials will be screened and, in some cases, treated for metals and then placed in the CAMU. 


Client: Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA)

Location: West Sacramento, CA