ASCE Region 9 Awards Two Odin Projects

May 22, 2020

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Region 9 has awarded Odin Construction Solutions with the following awards:

                               – Camp Fire Cleanup

                               – Metals Handling Facility

                               – Industrial Park Base Camp


Tiger Creek Afterbay Dredging & Dam LLO Inspection Project

The Tiger Creek Afterbay dam is a 120 feet high, 448 feet long variable radius concrete arch with a gate overpour spillway in Amador County, CA. The original construction was completed in 1931. The dam contains an LLO discharge pipe at the base of the dam that required inspection to determine repairs. The project consisted of in-water clean dredging of approximately 27,000 cubic yards of sediments and debris using a Komatsu PC 1250 fixed arm excavator mounted on top of a barge equipped with a 360 degree rotating enclosed environmental bucket. Dredging of the sediment and debris allowed for safe access for divers to inspect the LLO gate with a water depth as great as 85 feet, off-load the sediment into highway dump trucks, and dispose of the sediment as reclamation soil in a nearby quarry. The successful completion of this work has allowed PG&E to repair the LLO gate in the future.


Paradise Camp Fire Debris Removal and Services Project

Odin was involved in the cleanup effort for the town of Paradise and its surrounding areas. Odin remediated over 150 lots, processed and recycled over 75,000 tons of metals and 22,000 burned vehicles from the fire, and constructed and managed a base camp to house a 1500 persons workforce. Thank you to Cal Recycle, SPSG, Ceres, Black Diamond and Cobalt for collaborating and partnering with Team Odin to serve our community and contribute to the successful completion of the project.