2020 Construction Safety Week at Odin

September 14-18, 2020

Construction Safety Week is an annual, online awareness campaign inspiring construction safety dialogue within companies. Odin uses this time to discuss safety protocols, as well as educate our team about resources and best practices.  

Odin kicked off Construction Safety Week the same way we start every day at our job sites: safety stretches! Our teams begin each work shift by performing 12 stretches to loosen their primary muscle groups from head-to-toe. The stretching routine also provides an opportunity for the Superintendent to check the mental alertness of our workers by asking questions about their job site observations, concerns, or ideas.

‘We want our employees to feel fully empowered that they have both the authority, as well as the responsibility, to stop anything that they believe is unsafe at any time. Not only to stop the work, but to actually engage their fellow coworkers and talk about what is going on at the job sites and what the concerns are, and then to have an open dialogue.’

– Tim McAndrew, Director of Health and Safety

Keeping our team members safe is our number one goal. Every Day, Every Task.

On Thursday, we addressed the physical AND mental aspects of construction safety. September is Suicide Prevention Month, reminding us that the suicide rates for people in the construction industry are 3X higher than the United States national average. Mental health has a significant impact on workplace safety, as well as the overall health and happiness of team members.

Thank you to every one of our Odin construction team members! Because of your incredible dedication, we are able to improve the safety of communities across the nation.

At the end of the week, we celebrated our team’s dedication to safety with a team lunch and cook-out!